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In a competitive world, your children need an advantage.

The new Advantage Skills Academy camps are pre-college enrichment courses at St. Clair College that are designed for students in Grade 7-12 to stimulate creativity and an enthusiasm for learning with the aim of exposing them to a career path.

These exciting new camps will provide our community's youth the opportunity to build their skills, become better students, experience something that they will never forget and, of course, have a lot of fun! Our experienced camp staff and instructors will challenge campers through hands-on learning activities as well as give them a glimpse of life on campus.


Camp Descriptions

Digital Photography and Design

Capture every special moment and display it your own creative way in the Photography and Visual Design summer camp workshop. Students will learn basic photography skills — composition, exposure and lighting — using a digital SLR camera to capture compelling images, which will also be used in a final project. Learn how to adjust and enhance images in Adobe Photoshop to produce files that can be used in print or web platforms. Students will also learn Adobe InDesign to create an eye-catching poster using their best image that will be on full display for all to see at the end of the workshop.

DIY: Carpentry Camp

Do you enjoy building things? You will not want to miss this amazing opportunity to develop unique "Do It Yourself" skills while working in a safe, creative environment. Receive instruction on how important safety is, and how it applies to the workshop while getting to know the necessary tools to complete your projects. Design and build a personal sign made from re-cycled wood, and choose one of two challenging projects of either a marble game or a tool caddy. All projects will be ready for you take home at the end of the week!

Flight Academy

Ever dream of flying an airplane? Get ready to take flight as we start you with ground school at the Windsor Airport and then use flight simulation software at St. Clair College to learn the concepts of flying. The week will end with a half hour, one-on-one training flight at Windsor Airport where you will actually help control the plane! The time spent up in the air can be logged in your log book if you decide to take up pilot training.

Lego Robotics Engineering

Start thinking like real scientists and engineers! This camp is designed to teach students the engineering process while they develop innovative robotic solutions to open-ended engineering problems. Our Engineering Instructor will lead student teams through the complete engineering process to research, plan, design, build and test their robots using Lego Mindstorms. The week will end with an epic team challenge!

Pastry Professional

Do you dream of working in a professional pastry kitchen, or just love the idea of developing some sweet skills? This inspiring class requires no experience and teaches baking and pastry arts techniques needed to conquer the kitchen! Let our pastry chef guide you through baking a variety of blissful creations from savoury authentic pizza to sweet chocolate delights. Explore creating cakes, cookies and ice cream in this mouth-watering class. Develop your piping skills creating various flowers, letters, and shapes as you prepare the PERFECT cake to bring home to your family on the final day of camp!

Spa School

An introduction into the Spa world where you will learn how to perform your own Spa services. Services such as performing a make-over, which includes the application of everyday makeup and concealing techniques. You will also learn how to perform a basic manicure and pedicure, facials, and nail art. Of course, you will enjoy having these services performed on you too! If you have ever thought about a career in the Spa industry or you are interested in Spa treatments for yourself this is for YOU.

Video Game Maker

Like video games? Don’t just play them, learn how to make them in this creative computer based camp! Working with a powerful development platform for creating video games, you will learn how to make a basic 2D video game. Learn how to draw or download custom graphics, add your own sounds, build levels and make your own rules! From start to finish, create your game and then create a program so you can bring your game home to share it with your friends!

Welding Academy

Let the sparks fly this summer! With a strong focus on safety, the learner will be introduced to Shielded Metal Arc Welding (S.M.A.W.) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (G.M.A.W.) and what impact Welding has on Industry. The learner will fabricate their own project to take home with them at the end of the program.

Young Chefs' Academy

Do you love the ‘FOOD NETWORK’ on TV and want to learn how to cook like the pros? Taught by our Red Seal chefs, each action packed day will be technique and skill driven and culminate in a delicious meal. The series will cover knife skills, salads & vegetable cookery, breakfast and brunch, making fresh pasta & pasta sauces, poultry & meat cookery, side dishes and more. The final class will be a culinary competition in which teams of two will compete for the title of “Advantage Master Chef” and a special prize!

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