Genesis Centre and EPICentre Join Forces To Better Serve Students

Genesis EPICentre students

(Windsor, Ontario) – A new chapter has been opened for the St. Clair College Genesis Centre.

The College is teaming with the University of Windsor’s EPICentre to form what will now be known as the ‘Epic Genesis Centre’.

New and improved services will be offered to students in the entrepreneurial space giving them both a hands-on perspective as well as the theory behind it.

This from St. Clair’s VP of Academics, Waseem Habash, who says it’s all about maximizing opportunities.

“We’re combining resources, faculty and, of course, students. The university students, they have the theory and the college students would have more of the applied. When we talk to employers they say, “If you could give me that student that has both, that’s my ideal student”, and that’s what we’re trying to do here”.

Provost and VP of Academics at the University, Douglas Kneale, says this partnership is a first of its kind.

“This will be an incubator. It’s something new. It’s unique. It’s going to help the city and the region. It’s going to have an economic impact with new start-up companies which will, in turn, create new jobs.”

St. Clair student Ryan Nantais says his ‘Chance Coffee’ company never would have become a reality without the help of the Genesis Centre.

“They made me realize the ideas I had were actually achievable. The College and the University working together is only going to help open doors for students in the future. More resources to work with and more people to talk to and connect with.”

‘Chance Coffee’ roasts micro batch specialty coffees with a goal of worldwide wholesale distribution.

Aurora Fowler’s ‘Toure’ company features locally made, fair trade, eco-friendly and affordable yoga bags.

She says while she’s still in the prototype phases, it was the direction she received at the Genesis Centre that helped materialize her ideas.

“The Genesis Centre has been extremely instrumental. The staff give me benchmarks and keep me on the right track. There’s steps, there’s progress and I feel really good about the whole thing”.

The new partnership begins immediately with the University providing the staff to run the centre. Current St. Clair employees will remain on board as well.

Genesis EPICentre collage